Nemanja Vidic Speaks Ahead of Manchester Derby

Nemanja Vidic

Single-minded Vidic

Nemanja Vidic has explained that he will not be contacting fellow Serbians Alexander Kolarov and Matija Nastasic ahead of Monday’s Manchester derby.

Although friendly with the City pair, the United captain is too focused onthe match itself as he prepares to let his performances on the pitch do the talking. With United on a tremendous run that has allowed a 15-point gap to develop between the two clubs, the single-minded approach certainly seems to be paying dividends.

“I never speak before the game with an opponent,” he insisted. “I don’t like to speak about the game at all.

“I am good friends with Kolarov and Nastasic. But I don’t like to talk at all. It’s not happening – it’s not something I like to talk about. I like to go there and do it.

“You must think about the game on game-day, not to waste energy before the game starts, otherwise you are tired.”

The commanding centre-back is a key figure for the Reds and stats show that he has the highest win percentage (71.3%) of any current United player with more than 50 appearances under their belt. And the man himself revealed he spends a lot of time studying his displays in great detail after each match.

“We now have the opportunity to see the statistics with the analyst after every game,” he stated. “We have the opportunity to see the stats in terms of how much we ran, how much we tackled, headers and these kind of things.

“I always look at certain things and sometimes you can see what you need to improve – even passes with the percentage rate that are successful.

“I think it’s something you can look at,” he explained.

“You can see some players are obviously better at certain things and doing better in certain areas but I think it’s more personal. How you do it and can you do it better? Like I said, we have an analyst, not just for the stats but for clips in certain individual situations where we can do better.

“I love to watch them. I don’t know if every player looks but you have the chance to.


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