Eric Cantona Blog Patrice Evra

Eric and Me: Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra is proud and thankful that fellow countryman Eric Cantona paved the way for French players to excel in England’s Premier League…

When I was still in France, I remember watching L’Equipe du Dimanche(France’s version of Match of the Day) and the memories that I have from that time are that Eric Cantona was “the King”.

I already knew he was a king, but it was when I arrived here in England that I really discovered who he was. When I arrived in Manchester, that’s when I really understood he was a legend: his nickname of “King Eric” wasn’t just a nice way to put it – he was really the King. That’s why I often thank him in interviews, because if so many Frenchmen have managed to be transferred here and integrate here, it’s because he opened the door for us. We’ll never be able to thank him enough.

It actually really helped during my first season at the club because I watched a lot of DVDs of Eric, to watch what he had done, and understand what the United fans expected from French players.


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