Made of Manchester Introduction

Made Of Manchester

Manchester. It’s got everything except a beach, right?

To be fair, Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown may have been exaggerating slightly when he said that, but there’s no denying the city’s allure.

Manchester is vibrant, progressive and full of a swagger that suggests it’s acutely aware of the leading role it played in the industrial revolution, and of its grand sporting and cultural legacy.

And yet it’s by no means picturesque. In fact, it’s dirty, gritty and unashamedly proud of its working-class heritage. And although it may not be “the centre of the universe” as many Mancunians would have you believe, George Orwell was bang on the money when he described it as “the belly and guts of the nation”.

This week on we’re paying tribute to the city, with a special focus, of course, on Manchester United. We’ll also delve into the city’s cultural history and examine how music and football in Manchester are intrinsically linked.

So keep an eye on the homepage and visit for a string of features, videos, galleries and polls celebrating Manchester, Mancunians and Manchester United. Enjoy.


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