Rafael Answers Fans Questions

Rafael answers fans

Rafael fields questions from supporters posting on United’s official Facebook page

Which was your favourite team when you were growing up? (Bozela Rodrigue Johnson)
Botafogo in Brazil. I played for Fluminense and I like them as well, but I always supported Botafogo from when I was a boy. They are rivals, but I still like them both.

How much are you looking forward to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? (Colin Hardacre)
There’s always pressure for Brazil in any tournament, but having it in Brazil will mean massive pressure there. I think it’s only the second time we have hosted the World Cup, so it has been a long time and now the feeling is growing over there. We have the Olympics after that too, so it’s great. For me it would be a dream to play for Brazil in the World Cup – it’s always a dream to play for your country. I hope I can play many games here at United, be champions and then hopefully I will be there for the World Cup.

Were you happy or disappointed to get a silver medal at the Olympics? (Ahmed Afzal)
Disappointed because we didn’t get the gold. It’s good to have a medal, of course, and great to have played at the Olympics, but it’s always the case that when Brazil goes into a competition, we are expected to win and we expect to win.

What has been your best performance for United so far? (Ben Porter)
There have been a lot of games in the last four years. I have had a few good games so it’s hard to remember all of them, but I remember against Bayern Munich I was very good in the first half, but then what happened in the second half was disappointing.


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