Master and Apprentice (Paul Scholes & Nick Powell)

Blog: Master and apprentice

Nick Powell must have felt 10-feet tall when he drove into Carrington this morning. Scoring a belting goal on your Old Trafford debut is the stuff dreams are made of.

What’s more, Sir Alex Ferguson suggested the 18-year-old could eventually fill the boots of the great Paul Scholes. That’s some accolade. Indeed, there was a nice symmetry in Saturday’s 4-0 win over Wigan. The rout was started by Scholes on his 700th appearance and completed by Powell, on his first.

Of course, Nick Powell has a long way to go before he can genuinely be compared to one of United’s all-time greats but the signs are good – two good feet, vision and a real eye for goal, as we saw when he banged in 16 goals for Crewe last season. I hope he takes the opportunity to learn as much as he possibly can from Scholes during training sessions (tackling aside, perhaps!).

One thing I hope he doesn’t copy the great man in is the impeccable body swerve and drop of the shoulder he uses to avoid interviews. I had hoped to grab a word with Scholes after the game on Saturday and rushed down to the tunnel as soon as possible.

First of all, I interviewed the boss. Midway through, I heard shouts from outside the player entrance of “Paul, Paul” from autograph hunters. Yes, the great man had already gone. He ghosted past the TV cameras and was already heading for his car just minutes after the final whistle.

Scholes never had any real interest in personal milestones or talking about himself. For him, it’s just a case of play the game and go home. He’s always been like that and will never change.

Luckily, Nick Powell was willing to speak to MUTV about his big day. What was my piercing first question? “Nick, that’s a day you’ll never remember.” Cut.

He looked slightly perplexed at my incompetence. Thankfully it wasn’t live and we could do it again. Hopefully I’ll get to interview him many times over the years


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