Focus On Jesse Lingard

Focus on…

Jesse Lingard

Age: 19
Born: Warrington
Position: Attacking midfielder

MUTV‘s regular feature puts United’s younger players under the spotlight…

Jesse Lingard

First team played for?
A local team called Penkford United.

Signed for United…
I was seven – Mike Glennie started me off in the Under-7s and I’ve just gone on since then.

First player you idolised…
I would probably say Paul Scholes from when I was young.

Players you look up now…
Andres Iniesta and I also like Shinji Kagawa now. I just like Iniesta and the way he positions himself on the field. He’s never marked and is always in little pockets of space. It’s the same with Shinji. I like the way he plays.

What are your strengths?
My awareness of where I am on the field. I’m always looking for space.

Biggest achievement…
Making my first-team debut on the tour.

Why do you love football?
I love everything about it. Just coming into training every day knowing I’m going to play football is just a great feeling.

Best friend in football…
I’d probably say Larnell Cole.

What are your ambitions?
Hopefully to stay around the first team, train with them a lot and get a shot at the Capital One Cup.


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