Focus on Luke Giverin

Focus on… Luke Giverin

Luke Giverin
Age: 19
Born: Salford
Position: Defender

First team played for?
A local team in Salford called Barr Hill. I started at the age of five but was playing for the older age group, the Under-6s. They are just a local team but are pretty good and won a few things. My cousin plays for them now so it’s quite a good set-up they’ve still got going.

Luke Giverin

Signed for United..
United came in for me at the age of seven and I’ve just been at the club since the age of seven really.

Players you idolise..
The first one was Rio Ferdinand, when he first came as I thought he was great as a younger player. The first one I looked up to was Rio but, gradually as I’m getting older, I’m still looking up to Rio but, when I got to 16, Tom Cleverley too. Both for their attitude and skills.

What are your strengths?
Technique is one of my biggest strengths and passing. Knowing what to do when I get the ball. I have a vision in my mind where I know what I want to do when I get the ball. Passing and technique but also attitude to work.

Biggest achievement..
It’s an achievement to be at the club from the age of seven but, all last season, the Youth Cup team stuck together coming into the Reserves and we won four trophies out of a possible four. So, as a whole team staying together, winning the number of trophies we’ve won.

Why do you love football?
Just getting on the pitch but waking up in the morning driving into training and thinking I’m coming into work but I’m doing what I love doing – playing football.

Career highlight so far..
Last season, I went away with the first team and played 45 minutes in the second half of the Harry Gregg Testimonial. I came back and, within the same week, was scoring at the Etihad to help us win the [Manchester Senior Cup] trophy.

Best friend in football..
Jesse Lingard and the Keane twins. We’re quite close and do a lot of things inside and outside of the training ground.

Career ambitions..
I want to be in the first team at Manchester United. If that’s not the case, I’d like to be at a top-class club and playing in the first team regularly.


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