Exclusive Interview Nemanja Vidic Answers Fans Questions

Vidic answers fans’ questions

Fit-again skipper Nemanja Vidic fields questions from supporters posting on United’s official Facebook page

Nemanja Vidic

What was the hardest part of your comeback? (Joe Kisseih)
To be fair, it’s hard to not play for eight months. It’s not hard to train and do the gym work because I know the benefits and I have a real desire to do well, whether I’m exercising or playing. It’s just frustrating when you look at the players training outside, playing football and being involved in games. That’s what I missed.

Are you still playing golf regularly? (Vitesh Pottloy)
Not these days. I had lessons before my injury but, when the season starts, I don’t do much and, especially since the injury, I’ve had to be more careful. For me, at the moment, it’s not the best thing, but, when I stop football, I would like to play more golf. I like the game, especially because I’ve had a few lessons and have seen an improvement – I feel better and better about it, but I have to concentrate on football now and put that to one side.

Which is your favourite city in the world? (Matthew Hillock)
Belgrade is a place where I’ve spent some lovely time. I like London, too. I’ve seen many nice cities with some nice architecture, but the cities I’ve spent time in are Belgrade and sometimes London. I like the opportunities London gives you. It’s the capital and it’s all happening there.

Who was your football idol as a youngster? (Saran Jareevas)
I was a big fan of Red Star Belgrade and we had some great players when I was growing up. The generation that won the European Cup and World Championship were my idols. I’m a defender, but I always looked forward at the attackers. At the time, I remember Parma had some good players. Faustino Asprilla was great at the time. I loved [the Brazilian] Ronaldo, obviously. There are many others too, but they were all forwards.

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