Shinji Kagawa Home Debut : Crying out for Kagawa

Crying out for Kagawa

Oh how I’ve missed the knotted stomach, the uneasy shifting on the seat and the increasingly frantic checking of the watch.

Shinji Kagawa takes on the Fulham defence on his home debut for Manchester United

Yes, football is well and truly back at Old Trafford! Whatever happens this season, it clearly is not going to be dull following United. Saturday’s game versus Fulham offered a tantalising glimpse of what could be an enthralling campaign.

The boss told me afterwards that the game showed the two sides of Manchester United – thrilling attacking play allied to a bit of defensive slackness. It’s a heady mix and isn’t great for the heart-rate. I don’t think it’s fair to go overboard on the lapses at the back due to the fact that United still don’t have anywhere near a full compliment of defenders available. I’d rather concentrate on the attacking possibilities we now have.

I thought some of United’s play in the first half against Fulham was exhilarating. Red shirts flooding forward, short, precise and quick passes, players interchanging positions and lots of clever movement. At the heart of it all was Shinji Kagawa. The Japanese International was a somewhat unheralded signing in the summer but anyone who followed the pre-season action on MUTV won’t be surprised by his early impact.

He’s got really quick and clever feet and is very difficult to pick up by defenders as he plays in between midfield and attack. He is the player we’ve been crying out for and I’m sure he’ll be a huge success for United. And he has the happy habit of being able to score goals – 17 of them for Dortmund last year and he’s already underway for United.

Talking of goals, have you heard a louder roar for a goal at Old Trafford in recent times than the one that greeted Robin van Persie’s stunning strike? What a special moment. Afterwards the Dutchman suggested to me that the goal was lucky! Well here’s to many more lucky strikes in his United career.

Wayne’s horrible injury meant the game finished on a bit of a sour note. But at least United now have a wealth of forward options to call upon whilst he recuperates. United look full of goals and if they don’t regain the title this year, I’m sure it won’t be because of goal difference!


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