Exclusive Photo Manchester United Players of the 1920’s

Joe Spence was the star of Manchester United’s teams in the 1920s. He Joined United in March 1919 and made a record 510 appearances and scored a record 168 goals before leaving for Bradford City in June 1933. The call of ‘Give it Joe’ was a frequent sound at Old Trafford in the 1920s.

Clarence Hilditch joined Manchester United in 1916 as an amateur and made 322 appearances for the club before retiring in 1933. Known to everyone as ‘Lal’ he even managed Manchester United, becoming the first and so far only player-manager in the club’s history, when he took up the post from October 1926 to April 1927.

Jack Silcock was another immensely loyal servant of Manchester United during the 1920s. a skilful and strong full-back he made 449 appearances for Manchester United in a career at Old Trafford that lasted from 1916 to 1934.

Captain and centre-half Frank Barson was a controversial but respected England international who signed for a club record fee of £5,000 in August 1922. Tough and uncompromising he was a fans’ favourite but injuries led to him receiving a free transfer in May 1928.


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