Exclusive Photo Manchester United Legend | Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel, c.1991.

Peter Schmeichel in action, c .1993.

Peter Schmeichel celebrates with Eric Cantona after winning the FA Cup, 14 May 1994.

Peter Schmeichel collects the ball during the FA Cup quarter-final against Southampton, 11 March 1996.

Peter Schmeichel in action during the FA Cup 4th Round at Old Trafford, 24 January 1998.

Peter Schmeichel lifts the Premier League Trophy after a home match against Tottenham Hotspur, 16 May 1999.

Peter Schmeichel celebrates after defeating Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup 4th round, 24 January 1999.

Peter Schmeichel celebrates with Dwight Yorke and David Beckham after winning the FA Cup final against Newcastle United, 22 May 1999.

Peter Schmeichel goes in for a header in the Bayern Munich penalty area during the UEFA Champions League final, 26 May 1999.

Peter Schmeichel lifts the Champions League trophy after United defeated Bayern Munich 2-1, 26 May 1999.


Exclusive Photo Manchester United Legend | Steve Bruce


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