Dwight Yorke & Gordon McQueen Meet Fans In Indonesia

Ex-Reds meet fans in Jakarta

Ex-Reds Dwight Yorke and Gordon McQueen visited Indonesia recently to help launch a campaign with club partners Mister Potato that aims to inspire United’s fans across Asia.

The former players attended the first in a series of planned ‘meet and greet’ events with supporters at the Hard Rock Café in the country’s capital, Jakarta.

And the duo both spoke about the purpose of the campaign: to encourage people to practise the spirit of a winner in any walk of life.

“This is my first visit to Indonesia and I am really excited to be able to meet our fans here,” said Yorke.

“I hope that Indonesians, especially the young generation, have the courage to stay true to their dreams and to realise them, so they can be proud of themselves when they come true.”

McQueen added: “United’s success stories have not always been smooth sailing. But winning and losing are a part of sport, and it’s how we show our fighting spirit in every match that matters.”

McQueen and Yorke joined Indonesian pop group NIDJI for a Q&A and photo opportunity with fans and media, while there was also an opportunity to win signed United merchandise and NIDJI performed to close the event.

Malaysian brand Mister Potato, United’s official savoury snack partner, is working with the club and NIDJI this year to get closer to its Indonesian market.

“We are proud and very excited to be able to partner with United,” said Kevin Choo, marketing manager at Mister Potato’s parent company Mamee-Double Decker.

“By having an opportunity to meet and greet the legends in person, we are hoping Indonesian audiences will be inspired to always respect and keep the spirit of a winner within.

“In any walk of life, that spirit plays a very important role, because it teaches us about fighting to realise dreams and pushing boundaries to be a champion. It also teaches us to accept defeat and move on to win another battle.”


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