Great Images of the One and Only Sir Matt Busby

Manchester United manager Matt Busby, who became club manager in 1945, pictured at his desk during the 1950s.

Matt Busby during a training session at The Cliff, c.1957.

The Duke of Edinburgh meets Matt Busby before the FA Cup final against Aston Villa, 4 May 1957.

Manager Matt Busby with the football sword of honour, c. 1964.

Matt Busby signs autographs outside Old Trafford, c. 1964.

Matt Busby becomes an Honorary Freeman of the City of Manchester, 23 November 1967.

Matt Busby, with Bill Foulkes (left) and Pat Crerand, celebrating their 4-1 victory over Benfica in the European Cup final at Wembley, 29 May 1968.

Matt Busby carries the European Cup into a post-match celebration at the Russell Hotel in London, 29 May 1968.

Sir Matt Busby announces his retirement after a 23-year reign as manager, 14 January 1969.

Sir Matt Busby, c.1983.

Sir Matt Busby with the European Cup while Alex Ferguson holds the European Cup Winners’ Cup, 18 October 1991.


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