Manchester United Fans React to Robin Van Persie Deal Being Agreed

Van Persie deal delights fans

United fans flocked to our Talking Reds message board on Wednesday night to voice their delight at the breaking news announced on – that Robin van Persie will join the Reds subject to a medical and personal terms.

Here’s a selection of comments posted within the first hour or so… please feel free to add your own at

devil26_forlife: Absolutely terrific news! Not been this excited about a transfer since Wayne Rooney signed in 2004. The reason why this is a great deal is because it basically eliminates two big problems. Number one, we’ve got a great player like Van persie who on his own is good enough to destroy most teams. He’ll give us even more of the x-factor. Number two, it takes away some of the pressure on Wayne. Remember that Wazza is 26 now, so it’ll be better for him and the club if there’s another superstar who can do the business. As for van Persie’s injury record, I don’t think that’s an issue as he won’t have the pressure of carrying the team like he had to do at arsenal. Even if he gets an odd injury, we’ve still got plenty of firepower to make up for his absence. So all in all, we’ve signed a world class player, the best footballer of last season in our league, and he’ll give us 4-5 good seasons. Great news!

rvpunited: Hello everyone, I’m new to the message board… and I’m so happy it’s untrue. Rooney & RVP upfront, the best strikeforce in the league by miles. I’m so excited about this season with some amazing signings.

Raphael Thomas: Wonderful news! A bit premature but congratulations to the club and Sir Alex. You have put a smile on every Manchester United fan’s face. Now… let’s bring home what belongs to us, especially the Champions League.

Big Mackem Red: Brilliant news – I was punching the air when I saw it. We’ve now got some serious firepower (Rooney, Van Persie, Welbeck, Hernandez). Kagawa looks a real steal – top quality. Really excited now for the start of the season. Also building well for the future with the signing of Powell, with some good young players coming through the ranks (Blackett, Wootton, Cole, Petrucci to name a few). Come on you Reds!

Montana16: Fantastic news. An out-and-out goal scorer. I think van Persie and Wazza will make an awesome team.

jonta: This is fabulous news so look out City we are going to take that title off you.

MURMURURMUM: Epic signing. Van Persie is recognised by almost every football fan around the world as one of the top strikers in the world. Only Rooney and Aguero are on his level in the Premier League (Rooney being the best of them) and this was the opinion before his famous last season when he dominated.

Clazza 15: Fantastic signing in my opinion. Robin van Persie will probably play no more than three seasons with us. By that time Wayne Rooney will be 29, Javier Hernández will be 27, Danny Welbeck will be 24 and Will Keane will be 22. This transfer will allow our young strikers to develop and maybe get some quality experience out on loan.

Nemento: I’ll freely admit I squealed like a child when I saw the news. Now the business of restoring the natural order in the Premier League can begin.

marc73uk: Great news. I believe he could turn out to be another Eric Cantona type signing (just a bit more cost) and mark a return to total attacking football.

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